The Outline of Our Club

Regular meeting
  In accordance with the Club Constitution, Article 6 and the Club Bylaws, Article 4” club meetings will held every Friday.

Gong(Bell) and
for the regular meeting

"Mr.Kichinosuke Ikoma
donated in 1931."
Meeting place
The meeting place has changed several times over the 90 years of the club’s history.

November,1922 Founding preparatory meeting at the Nakanoshima Osaka Hotel
November,1922 The 1st regular meeting at the Imabashi Hotel (Osaka Hotel Annex)
August,1933 Mengyo-Kaikan, Higashi-ku Bingo-machi 3
January,1935 [New-building completion] Shin-Osaka Hotel Nakanoshima, Kita-ku
April,1946 [Forces requisition] Daimaru Department Store., Shinsaibashi, Minami-ku
September,1952 [Derequisition] Shin-Osaka Hotel


After that, 'Shin-Osaka Hotel' was the regular meeting place for 20 years .

And we celebrated the Osaka Rotary Club’s 50th anniversary of foundation in November 1972. Since the 'Shin-Osaka Hotel' was going to be closed in 1966, we changed the meeting place to the newly completed 'Royal Hotel (Sanraku no Ma)' from the 2517th regular meeting in August 31st 1973, and we have been meeting there ever since. The hotel changed its name to the ‘Rihga Royal Hotel’ in April 1997.

Postwar conditions
Although The Shin-Osaka Hotel where we used to meet was requisitioned by the allied forces after the second world war, we continued to meet there for a while, but had to find somewhere else to meet from the following March. It was very difficult to find an appropriate place to meet among the ruins of war. Then we found a location in the Daimaru department store.

There were no catering facilities there, so each member brought their own lunch. .

The Rotarians in those days made the most of those times, as they reminded them of their student days. After that, the food situation got better, and Daimaru began preparing our meals. But if we compare the situation of our Rotarians in those days with our current fine luncheons, we have to say things were very simple back then.

Those immediate post-war chairmen - Mr. Syunnosuke Furuta (in 1945), Mr. Manji Iijima (in 1946) and Mr. Buichi Nakahashi (in 1947) - struggled to continue regular meetings. They held the club together during difficult times, and celebrated the 24th anniversary of the foundation of the Osaka Rotary Club.

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