The Outline of Our Club

The Foundation of our Club
The Rotary Club of Osaka was established on November 17th 1922

 The foundations of our club took root in 1921, when Mr. Kisaji Fukushima, who was a member of the Dallas Rotary Club in Texas, came back to Japan and was transferred to Osaka. Here, he talked with Mr. Yukinori Hoshino about the idea of establishing a Rotary Club in Osaka. In 1922, Mr. Hoshino visited the head office in Chicago to see for himself what was involved in setting up a Rotary club. There, he met Mr. Perry who was the secretary of Rotary International and Mr. Hoshino was given responsibility for founding a Rotary Club in Osaka. He convened the first founding preparatory meeting at the Nakanoshima Osaka Hotel in November 1st in the same year. As a result of that meeting, he chose 25 charter members, executed draft plans of detailed regulations and convened an organizational meeting in November 17th 1922.

The chosen charter members.

celebration of the 1st anniversary

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celebration of the 2nd anniversary

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